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Nov 6, 2022

Unlike other websites, ecommerce websites are entirely different in terms of front-end and back-end structure. A normal website may have limited or lesser number of pages, content, graphic-visuals, etc as compared to trading website deals in buying and selling. 

There are top-Indian brands using Magento for their ecommerce activity – Coca-Cola, Ford, FoxConnect, Warby Parker, Olympus, Rebbecca Minkoff are name of few. 

But why are they using Magento? We will get it known soon! 

These websites have to showcase unlimited products on pages, provide every significant feature to accomplish the buying journey of buyers such as product information, discount and coupons, add to cart, new stock notification and much more which requires huge space to store, function smoothly. 

As website performance is mainly determined with the level of hosting server, here, for ecommerce brands – Magento is utilized.

Magento hosting is a web hosting plan that provides compatibility with the eCommerce software Magento. It provides everything that is needed to run a brilliant online store. 

Features of Magento 

With new Magento v2.0, ecommerce brands can add more improvement space into their online store and may even make it more competitive and classic. 

Here are some fragile reasons to opt magento as e-commerce development platform:

  • Complete Website Management
  • Powerful Catalog Management
  • Effective Order Management
  • Huge Marketing & Promotional Tools
  • Premium Shipping & Checkout
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools

Reasons to Getting Started with Magento Hosting

Over 100 million ecommerce websites powered with superior classic Magento and Magento 2 – here are the significant reasons to consider Magento as your hosting solution. 

  1. Clinquant Security: Magento Hosting itself comes with prior addon security features that bleach your website from hacking. Make sure your magento hosting plans come with this niche need and demand. 
  1. High Speed: Deployment of Magento 2.0 speed getting even faster and eclectic. Within a minute you can build your website powered with Magento features. Also leads to an immense load containing the product page in no time. 
  1. Technical Support: What if your website goes offline on a Monday’s night? Or Christmas Eve? You would expect some troubleshooting and to find some decent quality technical support that would save you. Consider a good Magnto hosting provider that offers 24/7/365 support at will.

What Type of Magento Hosting Do You Need?

Web hosting is of multiple kinds. If you need a concentrated server or private to host your content on your own- you would get it in the form of dedicated hosting. There are various types of Magento hosting plans available to cater everyone’s needs and requirements. 

  1. Shared Hosting

It’s like a kind of home for everyone! Generally, shared hosting refers to web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the internet. And this is the most economical option for hosting. 

  1. Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the servers allotted to the users for concern private content deployment. Generally these servers are high in cost and large-scale industries recommend dedicated servers. In this, you get access to the entire server and can allocate resources as per your needs.

  1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Most clients get confused with VPS and dedicated servers. Virtual Private Servers broadly known as VPS is a hosting setup that comes with a virtualization layer. In addition, the system admin separates one user’s resources from that of another.

  1. Managed and UnManaged Magento Hosting

This is the new kind of hosting solution that most web hosting providers offer. It’s custom made hosting solution caters to clients. Managed cloud hosting solutions providers allow customers to “subscribe” to the desired solutions and resources, with completely everything setup/ready. While in unmanaged service gives customers access to their solution with the only core services provided, without third-party installation or software they needed.

In The End

Congrats! We now have learned a fair about Magento hosting. Almost everything mentioned here in this blog, you just need to find the perfect magento hosting provider in India.

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