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Having a unique domain ensures that your clients view you as a respectable, established company, allowing you to develop confidence in the company, improve your search engine ranking, and enhance online traffic.











All plans include.


Domain Forwarding

When someone types your domain name into a browser, you may automatically redirect them to any website you wish.


Privacy Protection

ServerPoet domains provide privacy protection, which replaces your personal information in the public WHOIS directory with proxy data.


Transfer Your Website

With only one click, you may move your website to ServerPoet. Either relocate it to your domain or use a temporary one.


DNS Management

Manage DNS records, website address, emails, sub-domains, aliases, FTP, and more with ease.


Domain Theft Protection

Lock your domain name to prevent it from being moved away without your knowledge or approval.


Free Email Accounts

Get 100 MB of customized email addresses with anti-spam protection at



Benefits of Owning a Domain

Benefits with Every Domain Name Registration With ServerPoet.


Make it simple for your visitors and customers to locate you​

Even if SSL certificates are now required, we've got you covered. All Shared Hosting plans include a one-year SSL certificate.


Improve your search engine visibility and exposure

Get an immediate boost to your SEO efforts by registering a keyword-rich domain name!


Easy Domain Management

With Just a Single click on your control panel, you can manage any domain element.



Manage your Website sites easily and with more freedom.


Ease of Use

Get fast and secure hosting for small & medium sites.


24/7 hosting support.

Our hosting service is equipped with toll-free technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a
week, because quality hosting is nothing without excellent technical support.

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Your favorite hosting app

Our 1-click app install makes it easy to build your site with the app you love. Need a CMS? Joomla and Drupal are yours for a click. You have 125+ apps available with cPanel/Linux hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of having a domain name?

On the internet, a domain name acts as a unique identification. A domain name is required if you want to advertise yourself or your business online.

Is it essential to protect your privacy?

The WHOIS directory contains contact information for all domain owners. If you use ServerPoet Domain Privacy Protection, you can secure your personal information. We replace your information with ours to hide it from public view, safeguarding you from spam and identity theft.

Is it possible to change the DNS server information?

Yes. After registering your domain name, you may modify your DNS server settings under the 'Manage Domains' option. Then choose Change Name Server Details and fill in the new name server information.

What is the procedure for using the domain forwarding service?

To use the Domain Forwarding Service, all requests for your domain name must first reach our Domain Forwarding Server, then redirect them to the location you choose.

What is the duration for registering a domain name?

After you've completed your domain registration transaction and paid, Domain name registration takes typically 24-72 hours, while DNS server propagation can take up to 72 hours.

What domains are available from ServerPoet?

You may buy brand new domain names at ServerPoet utilizing hundreds of popular TLDs. domains are the most common, and you'll also find. Net,.in and other extensions.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

While we are confident that you will enjoy our services, we understand that you can't always judge quality unless you experience it. Therefore, you have the choice to cancel your plan within 30 days with us and get your money 100%.