Choosing the Best Magento Hosting: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Twenty Twenty-One is here, Happy New Year!

eCommerce platforms and multi-trading stores can start a fresh journey, anticipate strategy, and improve their brand identity relatively in the new year.

When we talk about eCommerce stores, we ultimately think of Magento. Magento platform was and is a beast of a CMS and one of the the first eCommerce platforms built for end-users, non-technical users back in 2008.

With no doubts, Magento is a great ecommerce development platform with immense capability and functionality. In fact, with Magento v2 release, the development and design has gone supremely easier and improves user experience.

For a few years, Magento success improves, stabilizes and continuously wins the heart of the developer as well as organization. If we look at past five years stats, we have a clear winner in the race of ecommerce platforms i.e. Magento

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Conclusion, Magento has been consistently popular 🙂

But still there are users who suffered from poorer Magento hosting services. With lack of knowledge and unawareness, they trapped and suffered loss in terms of unprecedented traffic spikes, meager server performance, and much more.

So, it is important to choose the best Magento Web Hosting that secures, supreme, and relatively detonates any major issues in no-time.

Remember, Magneto comes with a price in terms of performance, so don’t get happy with low-price hosting.

What To Consider In The Best Magento Hosting Provider?

In this section, we highlight a few important aspects that you, being able to judge and understand and closely learn the factors that determine what magento hosting is best for you.

Let’s get started…!

1. ThunderBolt Security

eCommerce is not just a platform of buying and selling, it is also associated with rigorous third-party applications that support in the buying journey. Third party interaction like payment interface providers, etc.

With the rise in the cyberattacks, security bleach, the ecommerce owners have major concern with security. When you decide to opt for the best Magento hosting provider, you must ensure that the package you are getting,  as per ROI benefits.

2. Magnificent Speed

Generally ecommerce website design and structure aren’t light and different from general websites of service providers. You have uncounted pages that design to cater customer buying needs, and then their shopping cart, billing interface, support and questions pages that made it bulky.

There you need magnificent speed and performance that can truly be delivered by a hosting provider with no lag or lack of efficiency.

3. Unjudged Compatibility

Magento developers constantly improve the software functions to deliver enhanced user experience. Though, it your duty (ecommerce store owner) to ask the hosting provider if the support for the latest Magento version, i.e. Magento 2.3.2, and PHP version 7.x is available.

4. Premium Support

Not all hosting service provider claim to offer 24*7 backend support for everything. The major concern is here to opt where you getting 24*7 technical support and emergency support services.

5. Transparent Pricing

When you have checked all these things, and decided to enroll, be sure to check the pricing plans of each Magento hosting provider and compare and deeper check which provides best in terms of price to performance ratio.


Magento hosting is one of the best deals against other odds. However, there are others that are also enriched and offer great features, but, when it comes to boundaries of compatibility, most users and store owners relatively find Magento as superior and classic approach for their hosting needs.

Cloud Server Hosting Security Tips By Hosting Expert

Hosting is an important aspect of a website. At the end of the day, it is crucial having powerful and secured web hosting.

Web hosting are of different types and the most popular and preferable hosting for websites is Managed Cloud Hosting.

A good hosting service provider delivers the essential hosting that never complains about security concerns, data bleach, etc. But, anyhow, hosting is related to the internet and data and there is a probability of breaking coverage of a cloud security breach.

So, how to deal with that?

We have mentioned some overcoming solutions, ultimately, you will learn about some of the best cloud security tips to keep your cloud server hosting clean, abuse-free, and secured.

No.1 – Enable strong passwords and two-factor authentication

It is advised to use a complex password which means a combination of apha-numeric, numerals and special characters. Also make it at least eight digit long. Additionally, if your service provider allows it, then precisely use two-factor authentication for any user access to cloud services and data.

No.2 – Enable encryption

Make sure your every ideal or in-progress data is encrypted well. There are two handsome ways that encryption can be processed with data stored in the cloud. Protect through local encryption of your data where it is stored and encryption of the data as it is transferred to the cloud i.e. on-the-fly encryption.

No.3 – Backup Everything

When it comes to cloud hosting, here we talk about high volume data in bulk. And it doesn’t mean that using the cloud your data is backed up. You need to manually ask the service provider for a backup feature. So, backup everything to actually have your data secured.

No.4 – Establish comprehensive user policies for your employees and partners

Make friendly and easy-to-incorporate policies to give ease of access to cloud services from any location, but not all-time. Make strict policies to control when it is required or the when and where of access control.

No.5 – Secure all communications with the hosted dedicated or virtual servers

Did you know? Dedicated and Virtual servers are the most reliable way to host data online other than using HTTPS communications. Be practical, if you’re business involved in large volume data storage, collection, and transmission be prepared to implement the secure communications protocols.

No.6 – Control access to your back-end and employee-oriented services by mobile devices

In case you are giving authority to your subordinates to comply with data over mobile devices then make sure you need to be able to control those devices to assure that they are locked down and can be remotely wiped if necessary.

No.7 – Understand the service contracts from your service providers

Most hosting buyers don’t pay attention to read the service contracts that are provided by the service providers. Read the print carefully and ask if something doesn’t hit you well. Most important read the hosting policies and securities actions concerned in the contracts.


Cloud hosting is an on-demand solution for enterprises and in the future the demand will increase ocean. However, the uncertainty about security bleach or data hacking is there, but, in most cases, you can comply and repeal these with strong hosting services and the security tips mentioned in this blog.

Out of other hosting sources, WordPress cloud hosting is popular nowadays due to its well-being features and efforts improvement seeing in the security section. Take a good step to secure your data…it’s all we can say in the end.

Everything you need to know about Magento Hosting

Unlike other websites, ecommerce websites are entirely different in terms of front-end and back-end structure. A normal website may have limited or lesser number of pages, content, graphic-visuals, etc as compared to trading website deals in buying and selling. 

There are top-Indian brands using Magento for their ecommerce activity – Coca-Cola, Ford, FoxConnect, Warby Parker, Olympus, Rebbecca Minkoff are name of few. 

But why are they using Magento? We will get it known soon! 

These websites have to showcase unlimited products on pages, provide every significant feature to accomplish the buying journey of buyers such as product information, discount and coupons, add to cart, new stock notification and much more which requires huge space to store, function smoothly. 

As website performance is mainly determined with the level of hosting server, here, for ecommerce brands – Magento is utilized.

Magento hosting is a web hosting plan that provides compatibility with the eCommerce software Magento. It provides everything that is needed to run a brilliant online store. 

Features of Magento 

With new Magento v2.0, ecommerce brands can add more improvement space into their online store and may even make it more competitive and classic. 

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What is Cloud Hosting? Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting as the name itself suggests its meaning is a type of web hosting arranged logically to cater cloud-based IT solutions including businesses, startups, softwares, and cloud based products. 

Actually, if you see closer, Cloud computing is much similar to the application of physical computer systems. It’s the on-demand availability of computer system resources. 

In the old days, there was nothing that sounded like cloud hosting, even though the web is hosted gratitually using and relying on one server performance loads. 

But, in modern days, cloud hosting needs have increased as a rise in cloud computing demands such as Iaas (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), SaaS (software as a service) and more. 

By contrast, cloud hosting uses multiple different servers or data centers to balance the load and boost uptime. The benefits of manoeuvre cloud hosting include – focus on uptime, isolated resources, easy scaling, and a dedicated IP address.

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