9 Features you Should Look for in the Latest Shared Hosting Plans

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Benefits of Shared Hosting
Jan 18, 2023

Shared hosting is one of the most popular web hosting platforms and the best for small businesses. Every small and medium-sized business with a manageable number of visitors uses it as its primary hosting provider.

The shared hosting platform has been transformed for modern website owners by some web hosting firms like Serverpoet.

Although many shared hosting solutions are available, the following Benefits of Shared Hosting plans should be considered.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type where several websites share a single server’s resources. No servers are separated, and no website is given exclusive access to resources. As an alternative, all of the websites hosted on the server share a single set of resources.

Sharing resources decreases everyone’s website ownership costs and offers the best foundation for brand-new websites. While high-traffic websites require more robust hosting options, new websites with low to medium traffic can achieve good performance with the benefits of shared hosting.

Features of the Latest Shared Hosting Plans

1. Free SSL Certificate

 You will run into web hosting services like Serverpoet searching for the most effective and cost-effective shared hosting plan; this is a crucial feature. They include a Free SSL certificate with all their Linux-shared web hosting plans. As secure websites are rated more highly by Google and users alike, if you buy a web hosting package, you will eventually need to get an SSL certificate for the website. Therefore, you must search for shared hosting that provides an SSL certificate for free to set up a complete website without the need to do it individually.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth

The second essential feature that hosting solutions offer is bandwidth. It measures a server’s ability to transfer data in a certain amount of time. Look for a shared hosting service with unlimited bandwidth from the web provider. The amount of bandwidth you have on hand influences how fast your website can send users data during periods of high demand.

An essential factor in expanding your viewers and boosting your revenue is bandwidth. You can host the websites and applications you want with unlimited bandwidth.

3. Uptime

Users cannot access your website while a server is down, which can be terrible for your company. An inaccessible website might result in losing consumers, reputation, and income.

Therefore, you want customers to be able to access your website at all hours. It is why it’s crucial to pick a hosting company that ensures high uptime for your hosted services.

In general, the greater the uptime guarantee is to 100%, the better. Naturally, not all hosting companies can promise perfect uptime. Generally speaking, you should aim for 99.5% to 99.9%.

4. Email Accounts Included

Professional email is typically preferred over free ones. Clients have a positive perception of you as a result. Paying extra fees for business email hosting can raise the overall cost of hosting because shared hosting is an inexpensive hosting option. 

It is essential to pick a shared web hosting plan that includes business email at no additional cost. The robust email services offered by current shared hosting allow you to send emails via webmail and Outlook.

5. Free Migration

A free website migration service is essential to move your website from another web server. Moving your website on your own can be challenging if you are not a technical specialist. To quickly pick up where you left off, a web hosting company that prioritizes its customers will take full responsibility for the migration process on your behalf. You don’t have to spend time manually migrating your website.

6. Backup Options

Data loss can result from server failures, cyberattacks, and other unforeseen circumstances. Data backup is another crucial component of web hosting that you must carefully consider.

Choose a shared web hosting service that offers automatic backups. Find a hosting company that enables you to back up your website yourself if automatic backups are not provided.

 7. Knowledge Base Support

Searching for knowledge base support is essential. Most of your questions may be answered using our comprehensive and helpful knowledge base, saving you time from contacting customer service. When setting up your website and your web hosting account, there are numerous activities for which you will require instructions. You can find helpful information and actions in the active knowledge base that you can carry out independently.

If you use Serverpoet, they also offer a content-based knowledge base, allowing you to quickly comprehend a variety of activities.

8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It is an important quality to search for in a web hosting provider. Choose a web hosting provider that offers a refund policy. It demonstrates the company’s caliber and allows you to cancel the services at any point throughout the first 30 days if you are dissatisfied. Choose a web host that has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are hosting your blog or website for the first time.

 9. Client Reviews

Find web hosting services that have a lot of positive customer feedback. Even though not all of the reviews are favorable, reading them about the web hosting provider can give you an idea of how the business handles customer complaints. Before you sign up for shared hosting, check for reviews and read them if you have chosen a web hosting provider.


A shared hosting package today differs significantly from earlier versions. Modern shared hosting is more tailored to the requirements of website owners. Shared hosting must have all the necessary features to get the best value for your money. 

We hope now you know what you are looking for in modern shared hosting plans and the Benefits of Shared Hosting.

Consider Serverpoet if you’re seeking a complete web host with the best fully featured shared hosting.


How does Shared Hosting work?

Shared hosting is a technique in which numerous websites pool their resources on a single server. Storage, RAM, and CPU cores are some of these resources. All websites share a few pre-installed scripts and apps because several websites must operate using the same resources.

Why should I choose Shared Hosting?

Building an audience for a new website may take some time. Additionally, adding data to your website will take time. As a result, your website will be relatively resource-light for a while. Shared Hosting is the most beneficial hosting option at this time.

Does my shared hosting data center location matter?

You have the opportunity to select your data center with some of the hosting businesses that we suggest. Your data center’s location affects how well your website performs in a specific area.

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